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Our Core Values

Education – I believe that an inspector must be trained, educated and continuously use what they learn to better serve our clients. I strongly believe that learning is a continuous process and that I will never be in a place where I know it all. Every home is different in so many ways.

Honesty – I believe in 100% honesty on everything. I will tell you exactly what I know, both the good and the bad. I handle the tough things first. I will be completely honest with you throughout the entire process, what I publish on my website and Facebook pages, and in all our communications.

Accountability – I believe that being accountable may be the single biggest predictor of success in most areas of life. We are accountable to each other, the process, and of course my clients. I effectively communicate what I’m doing, what comes next, and any bumps in the road we need to look out for. I got into this business to help my clients buy their next home.

Commitment – I am committed to this business, this process, this way of life. I am constantly engaged with other inspectors, real estate professionals, with those in the community and our clients. If a problem arises, I will work diligently to correct and resolve it promptly. I am fully committed to my clients in the entire inspection process.

Giving back – I believe in giving back. I do this by helping others. I give of my time to new inspectors helping them adjust and grow in their new profession. I believe in supporting various charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Box 55, Camp Horizon, and Catholic Charities.  I also give of my time through our local church and events.